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Research :

Multicentric studies

To foster and promote multicentric studies

  1. To formulate innovative and cost effective methods for detecting high risk individuals for NCDs in general for particularly diabetes and its complications and CVD in particular.

  2. To determine the burden due to diabetes andcardiovascular diseases in India.

  3. Focus on methods to identify modifiable risk factors of NCDs.

  4. Primary prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease 


National seminars on epidemiology of NCDs (Annual) organized jointly by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai and University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Aim :

  1. To provide a forum that brings together national level experts in the field of NCD epidemiology.

  2. To improve  teaching and learning of NCD epidemiology.

  3. To update knowledge through educational programmes and keep students of community medicine and public health  abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Intensive training programes for clinical research

To conduct intensive training  programes focusing on clinical research methods to improve the knowledge of young clinical researchers on

    1. Designing research studies.

    2. Identifying methodological issues in the study and ways to overcome potential problems.

    3. Interpretation of the research findings and understanding the significance of the study results.

    4. Improving  their presentation skills.

Sharing Knowledge through Web:

To develop a website exclusively for INN, the website will focus on

  • Building a knowledge base on NCD epidemiology in India
  • Capture knowledge from other national sources of NCD
  • Sharing knowledge on NCD epidemiology with clinical researchers
  • Forming knowledge networks by networking with other sites
  • Make available the abstracts of research studies related to NCDs in India.



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